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The day care centre for the elderly allows third-age people, mostly those who live alone, to come and meet with others like them, to be together, to talk, to spend their leisure in an interesting way. It is also a chance for them to find new friends. The Aim of the Centre is to improve the psychological state of lonely and vulnerable old people by various entertaining, creative and spiritual activities, improving the life quality of the elderly and preventing their institutionalization. The centre is open daily, Monday to Friday, from 11:30 till 16:30.

During the year, in an attractive, familiar and hospitable place, around 200 people have the possibility to gather and spend their time in a pleasant and useful way. They have the possibility to choose among a wide range of activities, such as:

  • various board games – dice, chess, domino, remy;
  • the facilities of the centre allow performing melotherapy, listening to classical music, traditional music, romances, etc. on one’s own choice; some of the beneficiaries of the Centre play Karaoke, which creates a relaxing atmosphere;
  • watching movies;
  • artistic activities – presenting small theatrical sketches;
  • classes of Romanian, Italian, German organized by volunteers from the European countries;
  • dances;
  • thematic competitions, such as the most beautiful poem addressed to a woman or the most beautifully designed holiday table;
  • it is practiced the occupational therapy, some ladies are knitting or are embroidering, others manufacture dolls, hand-made greeting cards and other decorative items;
  • at the conferences held periodically both by some beneficiaries of the Centre and by some guests topics from various fields are offered, such as personal hygiene, history, civilizations’ culture or the importance of religious holidays;
  • A small library, filled with literary fiction, offers to the visitors of the Centre the possibility to borrow and read books both in Romanian and in Russian. A large part of the books have been donated by the beneficiaries themselves.

There is a medical assistant always available for the third-age people, ready to give free medical advice.

After numerous years of activity we could say that the activity of the Day Care Centre has managed to create a strong and beneficial link and true friendships between its beneficiaries, who can find a cozy, entertaining shelter, for getting rid of the loneliness they suffer from. The beneficiaries of the Day Care Centre certainly appreciate the help offered by the Foundation for driving sadness away from their lives.

They are the one who gave us life! They lived every joy with the same intensity as us, they were always driving our sadness away, they were in love when we were in love, they were excited at our wedding, they supported us in hard times and when our children were little …

And they were always feeling proud when talking about us…but now… now they need our help so much.

The activity of the Day Care Centre is possible thanks to a long-lasting and efficient partnership with lots of philanthropists, among whom we should mention firstly our dear friends from Caritas Vienna from Austria, helping our beneficiaries along many years now. Hoping and having faith that the generosity and the solidarity of Christians from Austria and our co-workers Caritas Vienna will continue to intensify, we thank our friends and philanthropists from the bottom of our hearts! The one who has mercy for a poor man lends to God and He shall repay his good deed.