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When talking about elderly people we mean not only the poverty, but also the fight for survival, a continuous fight with the disease, isolation (often forced), the fight with the feeling of being social useless. In many cases, the only person who comes to visit them is the social worker. He is the one with whom the elderly share their youth memories, find out about the world from outside, lament over their life difficulties. “Helping needy people at their home” is a project addressed to elderly people who are immobilized at home due to their advanced age or diseases they suffer from, who have small incomes and the ones who do not benefit from other support.

The project provides for 85 elderly people monthly a pack of food products, and quarterly a pack of domestic products (detergents, disinfectant solutions, body hygiene products, etc.). But, the most joyful thing for them is seeing someone alive in their house, knowing they are not forgotten. This is another argument which confirms that the lack of socialization is a problem, as critical, as the poverty. The evolution of the project showed that solidarity with the elderly is a considerable part of helping the poor. Thus, the above-mentioned project is lending a helping hand to the needy elderly, trying to ease their burden and to offer them a bright old age.

Helping needy people at their home is possible only due to the jointly support of our friends from Italy – The Society of San Vincenzo de Paul of Triveneto.