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To feed the hungry is a civil commitment and responsibility. No one has the courage to deny this truth, even those who do not practice it. But for us, Christians, this attitude relies on the necessity of fulfilling God’s commandment. “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brothers, you did it to Me.” Mt. 25.40.

Such projects are not “modern”, are not “productive”, the beneficiaries are not provided with the so-called “fishing rod” for solving their own problems. Yet, our beneficiaries depend on us, because there is no one else to help them.

The Social Cafeteria offers daily a hot lunch to the needy, pensioners, and disabled people are played. Every month, over 150 persons are provided a free lunch. The menu is created in accordance with the malnutrition state of the poor people, of their age and state of health. For elderly, usually having no other support, a hot meal is more often seen as an answer which God gives to their prayers. The number of requests continues to increase, and very often we do not manage to help them all.

There is a social form signed for each and every person, filled in usually at beneficiary’s home by the social worker. “Casa Providenţei” sets forth the attendance terms of the Social Cafeteria, based on the principle of helping the needy first. The lists of beneficiaries are made every month according to the submitted applications, respecting the rotation principle. Starting 2002 till present time the Social Cafeteria represents for those who require our help an important reference point in their daily existence.