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Often, when we speak about the charity, usually are meant the means, that have to be gathered for the good purposes or that have to be given for the same good purposes. But, in such a way, we are not only distorting the meaning of this word. The initial sense of charity is lost, which is actually the creation of good. We should agree that this could be achieved by different ways.

Our volunteers are the testimony of the fact that charity is opened for everybody. It is admirable to see how the young people from different countries are ready to share their time, skills and simply readiness to help. It is the possibility to get to know yourself and your abilities to accept the other one, different from you.

Certainly, each of us has its own deeply personal motivation. And it doesn’t really mater what is the reason for readiness to come for help of the suffering person, in some cases even beyond the thousands of kilometers. The important thing is that as a result of this brave step, these young people do good. Moreover, God is the source of good, even in the case when we do not realize it.

Each year in social projects of the “House of Providence” participate several boys and girls not only from Moldova, but also from foreign countries. We remember with gratitude our friends from Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Romania, Italy, USA. We are sure that with God’s help this experience will continue. Welcome to the House of Providence!

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