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For many years in our country the old age is associated with loneliness and suffering, and childhood stops being just a careless and happy period of life. Many people say that the reason is the economic and political crisis, poverty, low income. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for those, who can change the situation for better. Its not only about the national system of the social protection and security, but also this is about the social organizations, business and private sector, and other active representatives of society, who should, by virtue of their possibilities, talents and gifts, take the responsibility… as love differs from the banal sentimentality, so as Christian charity differs from the spontaneous and periodical philanthropy.

We are guided not only by the duty and civic responsibility. We are Christians and that is why we are called to love and create. Our charity is beliefs and deeds of our faith, and that is the reason why we always improve ourselves and long for greater effectiveness. That is why we use innovations, modern approach to the solution of organizational goals, responsible management and rational financial economic administration…Everything is based on the Christian ethics and is realized in the implementation of the commandment of love to the neighbor. This is the sense of the mission, entrusted by the Church. This is our calling, our vocation – effective and active love.

And, last but not least, should be mentioned, that all our social activity is possible owing to the God’s Providence, which is miraculously revealed by the partnership with a lot of organizations and friendship with great people…