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What is life? Life is a chance, happiness, freedom and new ways to go; it is always a never ending hope, a longing of happiness and continuum of disappointments without it, life would not be possible.
For somebody it is enjoyment for others it’s a torture. Some see it like a celebration others see it as a burden. Some people say that life is exactly like they want it to be others say there are too many things shading its light. Unfortunately it happens that life offers you a different perspective about reality that you want: poverty, sickness, daily needs that are difficult to satisfy which bring you to desperation and looking for help. It happens that when both energy and strength leave you, everybody else will leave you too and you look for the hearts of the people. Neither pride nor a remembrance of dignified life has resistance to disease, poverty and powerlessness. In this moment, each who offers you a helping hand and a piece of bread is a messenger of divine Providence.
Day by day, about hundred old people come to “Casa Providenței” to get a hot meal, a smile, a kind word, medicines to ease the pain of body and of curse love and kindness that relieves pain and loneliness of soul. Our grandmothers and grandfathers (not wrong, nor exaggerated when we say that) come not just to have some bread and a hot meal, cooked with care, but also to socialize , to feel alive and receive a little of the love offered here. A welcoming smile and a warm word fill their day and soothe their pain.
In this way of thinking, life is a joy, desire to grow, to be helpful to others. Being a child is a blessing, to have children is a gift from God and huge social and moral responsibility. Knowing that, depending on you, your teaching and your behavior, it will form the children’s life. Children are the joy of life and we believe that there are no parents who would not like to give all the best to their child, to see it involved, healthy, and appreciated. As a parent you want your child safe from the jungle road, the subcultural society, weakness of age periods.
For kids, for their smile and to support the efforts of their parents to raise them, the daily center and the kindergarten are opening their doors every day. The kids from the daily center, with an honest smile and an eagerness for knowledge, come from poor social families, whose parents succeed but have difficulties with family responsibilities.
It is a great joy for children and for their parents that they can find here every day a group of similar interest, with whom they can spend time and feel the like friends, to do homework in a calm atmosphere and to know that they can call for help when they need it. Also, “Casa Providenței”, opens the doors for the kindergarten where children come, brought by their parents, to discover the world, guided by skilled teachers and Sisters of Providence, which together take care to create the most interesting and colorful stories about the world.